Winter Landscapes

My camera club goes up to Cass in the mountains at Mid Winter – usually due to work commitments I miss out but this year I made the attempt.

Three weeks out there was snow all over the place but it was mostly gone from low ground when we were there.  Still plenty on the peaks and it was cold enough that the hoar frost was still around in patches too.

Minus 6 when I got up before sunrise!

Lake Pearson was covered in fog and ice crystals decorate everything, it was perfectly still, very cold and stunningly beautiful.

At the head of the lake as the sun started to burn off the mist, everything was covered in white sparkling ice crystals

Close up of snow crystals on a bank at Arthurs Pass – taken handheld with 100mm macro lens lying flat out in the snow.  I took hundreds of these 🙂

As the rising sun cleared the mountains it lit up this peak and was visible through the lake mist – a perfectly still lake make for a lovely reflection

Playing with long exposures as Bushy Stream – all the rocks are covered in ice and frost and long icicles hang of the sides of the rocks by the water as well.

A little bit of winter from DownUnder!


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4 Responses to Winter Landscapes

  1. leecleland says:

    Love winter when it looks like this, but hate the minus temps 🙂

  2. Wow, these are beautiful photos!

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