Misty Morning Sunrise over Lake Pearson

While I was editing my images from my Cass trip last week, I was mucking around with some presets and I got this as a result and really liked it.

Was it what I saw when I was there?


Does it instantly transport me back to how cold and misty and magical and still that morning was, watching the sun rise on the snow covered mountain peaks?


The creative choices available to us in digital imagery mean we can edit our images in so many different ways.  Some people argue that a realistic version of a landscape scene is the only true way to do that – and I see their point.

When a landscape is heavily edited or even composited, it could be considered false advertising.  If you are posting images like that and people *without* full disclosure that its edited well beyond natural limits, then there are consequences as a result.

I always advise that my images have been edited when I share them, and if its creatively so, beyond what could be expected in nature, I would note that.

Nature is however, a wonderful thing, and I have seen light like this – even scarlet crimson skies.

So while it isn’t what I saw when I was there, it *could* have naturally happened.

Its an interesting topic, the definition of “true” representation in a digital image.

I used to be a purist until I got better and understood the capabilities of what editing can do.

How do you feel on the subject?  Is creative editing OK so long as its disclosed?


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12 Responses to Misty Morning Sunrise over Lake Pearson

  1. Therese says:

    Love this image and perhaps the discussion should be around art vs reality. I love the painterly style and think there is a world of difference between editing that ends up looking fake while trying to pretend it’s real and editing that leaves the viewer asking “is it a photo or is it a painting”. This image also reminds me of Infrared photography. Let me know which preset you used?

  2. Sue says:

    Why do you need to disclose, if you are not using your images commercially? Art vs photographic reality……

    • Its an ethical thing – some people edit their images quite heavily though it isnt always obvious – like photoshopping a full moon in much bigger than reality, compositing images taken at different focal lengths which gives a different perspective view, pasting in different skies (milky way when there wasnt one visible).

      If someone sees one of those images, and gets inspired enough to travel to that place to capture the same image, they will be pretty disappointed at what they end up taking.

      A lot more editing goes on that is obvious – exposure blending, luminosity masking etc. Some is editing to counteract the limitations of digital cameras and thats OK – we all have to do that.

      But beyond that?

  3. I think it is really up to the creator of the image. I personally am into disclosure, but can understand that maybe not everyone is.

    • I wonder about the ethical side of it tho- when you see an amazing image and maybe even make the effort to travel there to capture it yourself ( as people do) and then are frustrated that your shot is nothing like it – imagine how you would feel if you found out it was a composite and not achievable in the real world?

  4. KatrinaK says:

    I see nothing wrong with turning photos into art as long as you’re not deceiving people in the process. I generally go for portraying reality myself, but even if you do nothing to a photograph, it may not actually match reality. For example, a long exposure can give you an image you’d never see in person.

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