Spring Daffodils

Its bursting out Spring all over the place DownUnder and we have had some stunningly lovely days.  Blossom trees are appearing all over the city, birds are waking up at 5am and it definately is warmer.

Some genius also planted these lovely fancy daffodils and narcissus in my garden several months ago, and they have been popping up over the past few weeks.

My new Lensbaby Velvet56 was a fun lens to play with shooting these flowers – I like it around f4 – – f2.8 to give nice softness and lovely blurred background.

This is Replete – one of my favourite Daffodils.  It has many layers of ruffled apricot petals in the middle of the flower.

Getting up really close with the Lensbaby allows us to see the intricate detail in the edges of the petals.

Shot at 2.8 on the Velvet56 which gives this very soft focus effect which shows off the edges of the petals nicely against the background.

Anyone else have a Lensbaby?  This is my first one and it is an interesting learning experience.


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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4 Responses to Spring Daffodils

  1. loisajay says:

    Oh my goodness, Stacey–these photos are gorgeous!

  2. leecleland says:

    Love the shots, particularly the last one Stacey. Been thinking about getting one but just can’t make up my mind which one. I like what you’ve got with this one though.

    • Yes there are lots of different options with the Lensbaby family, too many to choose from. I particularly like with this you can get a lot closer to the subject than I can with my macro lens in a different way. Still getting used to the soft focus style tho.

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