Fluffalicious Blossoms

Its bursting out Spring all over DownUnder and today was a perfect day to go out with the camera.  We have a particular weather phenomenon called the NorWester Arch – where high altitude winds stack clouds up over the city.

Some days its very windy as well, but days like today are perfect for photography as its very still and the light is very soft and diffuse.

Down the road from me is a Memorial Garden which is planted with many mature trees, and many of them are in blossom or flower. So off I went to explore further.

White blossom, pink blossom, even lime green blossom!  Some late magnolias, loads of camellia, rhododendrons, azalea and many kowhai – a bright yellow NZ native beloved by the birds.

Lots of different kinds of blossom too, fine delicate single flowers, huge puffy fluffy pink doubles, in between whites.

This one I chose to edit with a dark moody tone.  Below is a lighter brighter more natural variation.

Both edited in LR, with a colour tone and texture layer applied in PS.

Curious which one of these edits you prefer and why?


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Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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3 Responses to Fluffalicious Blossoms

  1. Gerri says:

    Beautiful photography! I’m just wondering what PS is?

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