Experimenting with Flash

Recently I have been struggling with my food photography due to issues with light – in short, there hasn’t been enough of it as the summer we have had so far more resembles winter.

It has been dark and overcast and raining for weeks and my studio has been too dark to shoot in after work.

So when I was recommended a Food specific course on using flash photography, I was interested and took a chance.


So far this course has explained clearly how flash works and how you need to set up your camera and setup to make it work for you.

I am no longer afraid of my flash!  Have had one for years and never understood it and now it is completely understandable.  The power is mine to control (literally) and now there can be light whenever necessary!!!

Except….. for it to properly work, the right tools needed to be present, so the credit card was taken for a spin.  Then I discovered that while my Canon 7d mk ii and 580 EX ii flash do work together wirelessly without need for a trigger – it is a LINE OF SIGHT connection.

When my brand new Godox Softbox umbrella is on it blocks the view and doesnt work *sigh* so more new toys had to be purchased.

In the mean time I decided to do some test shooting to show the difference between natural light and flash.


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This was my first test – Candy Canes and fairy lights later on in the day when it was particularly dark and gloomy

Today its brighter but I wanted to experiment further

Note – most of these are out of focus as I still need to balance required light with shutter speed on my camera while handholding it but suffice for this purpose.

Hover the mouse over each image to see the caption


As you can see – quite a difference, plus I am still learning how to set it all up properly.

This was my setup as well – love a Behind The Scenes shot

My first proper experiments with using a flash!

Very excited and once I get the bits I need to use the Umbrella Softbox, hoping for even better results.

Anyone else out there using a flash?  Got some tips?


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