Zephyr Marshmallow

  One one of my food FB groups, a lady posted an image of gorgeous pink swirly meringue looking things – turns out they are an east european dessert called Zephyr.

Zephyr recipe link

They are a marshmallow made with agar instead of gelatine – which means I can make them for a vegetarian friend 🙂

The recipe is a bit fiddly and my piping bag was too small and I made a bit of a mess.  Plus I wasn’t sure how much working time before it set so I could pipe them – turns out there was plenty of time – its sets over several hours.

Today was camera day – carefully transferred over to a clean sheet of baking paper, onto the tray and into the studio.

I think I positioned them a bit too far apart for the size, the camera exaggerates distance, so I will remember that for next time.

These were made with tinned cherries but came out much paler than I expected.

The mixture is very firm and pipes really well, and holds its shape as it sets.  Some swirls were more successful or artistic than others 🙂

This was a new recipe for me and made a few mistakes, lots of learning and ideas of ways to fix it for next time.  Despite that I still got nice swirls that were set and able to be shot and moved about without too much damage.

Plus they get to be eaten once finished!

I also used some of my shiny new LR skills in editing these images – to give you an idea of the difference here is a Before/After shot

That was a fun way to spend 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon!


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  1. Looks like a fun Saturday afternoon indeed!

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