Loaded Apricot Meringue

Time to step up my game and start making food specifically for the camera.  I had some ripe apricots and a pomegranate, and experimented with one way of combining them, but it didnt work out so well.

Today I bought this giant vanilla meringue, setup the shoot – broke it apart, loaded it with greek yoghurt/creme fraiche, apricots and shot it.


Everytime I shoot I make ALL OF THE MISTAKES!!!

So here is what I learned this time round:

– taking time to setup the gear, style the shoot using a standin, getting the lighting etc right is well worth it

– pay attention to the positioning of your hero item on the food – in this instance it was the sliced fan of apricot – except I didn’t notice the first shots were of the BACK of it *sigh*

Still looked pretty good tho!

– if you are mixing up whites, make sure they are the same tones – the white of the board is quite blue toned but the plate is a lot warmer and then the meringue etc is other tones of white.

– cut apricots go brown quickly – I need lemon juice or something to stop that

– on your first shots ZOOM IN AT 100% and view – and check for cat hairs!!

I have two white long hair cats and the fur gets into everything!  There are two in this shot and I didnt notice til 3/4 way thru, so most of my shots were wasted.

– tweezers are amazing – glad I am assembling a tool kit

– paper towels and a spray bottle of water are my new best friend – cleans up pomegrante juice off the background (and hands)

– if you want your food to look messily assembled – you have to work carefully to make it LOOK like that!

Food that is messily assemble just looks awful – you have to build it up in careful layers

And finally – yes its hard work, but it does pay off 🙂

I am TOTALLY eating this BTW !


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2 Responses to Loaded Apricot Meringue

  1. Followed you here from composition essentials Facebook group. So great that you posted about your experience and shared your learning. Shooting tethered was a game changer for me. I had to shoot untethered this week as my laptop was in for repair, and I was so lost! Love the angle you ended up eventually shooting at. So much better than the overhead. Your mess is perfectly composed and looks natural. Bravo.

    • Thanks, and appreciate you visited 🙂 Yes Im not so good at shooting tethered when I need to – its an extra level of fussing about to do, but I learned the hard way with this shoot, that it IS WORTH IT!!

      I push myself to shoot as many angles as I can, pulling back and going close, in the hope I get a keeper at the end of it 🙂

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