Plum Lattice Pie

I have never made a pastry pie like this, nor have I done a lattice top before so this was exciting!

Bought some fresh plums and poached in a cinnamon sugar syrup.  Reduced the syrup down until thick.

This is a new pie dish I got recently, its a small one but fits well into frame and therefore looks much bigger.

Got some frozen pre made flaky pastry, left out in the sun to thaw.

Lined dish with a layer of pastry, added fruit and sauce, and carefully cut and assembled the lattice.  Brushed with egg and baked.

Slightly dark on the edges but look at all that lovely PUFF – much better than my last pastry experiment!

After mucking around with the pie for ages, time to cut a wedge on to a plate.

A dollop of greek yoghurt on top to finish – possibly a bit heavy on the drops and drizzles and it ran down, just making the plate look dirty instead.  Lesson learned!

A cleaner plate and a different angle and a less cluttered background – am liking this one a lot more.

Finally THE CLOSE UP!!

Ta Da!

What I Learned In This Shoot:

1.  Don’t line the dish with pastry too, it wont cook.

2.  My oven is still a bit hot – this puffed well and browned up but wasn’t properly cooked through.

3.  Reduce your sauce even more, the juice in the fruit will dilute it.

4.  Look at that gorgeous colour!

5.  I need nicer plates – this is too plain.

6.  Greek yoghurt is very white but holds its shape much better than whipped cream and doesn’t melt over everything.  Useful standin!

7.  I shot tethered and spent time looking at the images and still missed a damn cat hair on the pastry *sigh*

8.  Wear your glasses !

9.  I shot this nearly in the dark and you would never know – OMG I love my flash and softbox!

10.  Coffee crystals AKA big sugar granules look FAB!

It was over 30 deg and my dedication to my craft was such, I still baked this LOL

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6 Responses to Plum Lattice Pie

  1. Pandi says:

    Just some thoughts – the Falcon pie dish is a UK traditional design and sits well with the white dessert plate, especially as the filling is a bright colour. For styling, I like to have the fork/spoon lying so that it looks ready to pick up by the viewer. The cooked pie looked delicious – fruit filling always produces lots of juice so be careful what you add to it, and put a baking sheet in the oven whilst you pre-heat it, then sit pie dish onto it – helps to cook the pastry on base and catches any overspill! Loved your shots and the list of tips at the end – I had never thought of using yoghurt so will try it!

    • Yes I thought about putting it on a baking sheet to cook the base AFTER I took it out of the oven. Yes it is a Falcon dish 🙂 I have a larger one I use for general cooking but I dont do a lot in the pastry/pie space.

      I didnt over fill it so it didnt bubble up juice – probably could have had a bit more fruit for next time tho – yes I was surprised at how much juice was created.

      Yes the yoghurt was what I happened to have in the fridge from a previous recipe but it was REALLY hot last night (its 30 deg c approx here at the moment) and that blob never melted – the pie was cool which helped too.

  2. Elane says:

    Adding a few tablespoons of flour to your fruit will help to thicken up the juices as it bakes.

  3. stvmcdnald says:

    I got here from an article you wrote for Photzy about the photographer being the most valuable gear in the photo process. I Love the shot of the pie with a piece cut out. I really want that piece!

    • Hi! I never usually get feedback on my Photzy articles, they get released into the void and I hope *someone* reads them – so welcome! And thanks for tracking me down.

      Did you enjoy the article?

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