Introducing my new WEBSITE

Creating a proper professional website has been a project for a while now.  So please find my new photography website here

Evoke Artisan Photography

There is a blog on that site and I will have different content on there, with tips and tricks and creative ideas.

Fear not, dear readers, I still intend to maintain this blog for the future but the content will not be replicated across both as they have different intents.

This is the place where I can share my experiments and learnings and waffle about stuff !

Hope you check it out and if you spot any typos, sing out 🙂

About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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1 Response to Introducing my new WEBSITE

  1. leecleland says:

    Lovely clean well presented website. Easy to navigate. Great step done Stacey.

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