Online Photography Training Courses Coming Soon

Currently in development is my FIRST Online Training Course!!

Fine Art Texture Workshop

For anyone who:

– is overwhelmed by Photoshop
– wants to be creative in new ways
– wants to have FUN when they edit
– struggles to create with their own unique style and vision

This course is going to:

  • help you master Photoshop Layers/Mask/Blend Modes
  • learn to use artistic plugins and actions
  • develop your own style
  • give you the tools to create in new fun ways
  • confidence to play and experiment

Click on the LINK to sign up for Release Date information and Updates!

As you can imagine, this being the first course I have developed, its a pretty scary exercise, but I am really excited about it!

Learning to use Photoshop properly completely unlocked a whole new world of creativity for me and changed the way I thought about art and photography completely.

I know a lot of people are wary of how big and complicated Photoshop can be, so I hope to make learning that much easier, so people can have fun, feeling confident to experiment and try new things!




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Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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