As well as photography I have some other hobbies, handcrafts relating to my interest in medieval history.  These include embroidery and cross stitch, needle/bobbin lace and quilling.  I have done handsewing and embroidery for years, but wanted to do something outside the square, different to what other people were doing.

Torcon Ground Bobbin Lace bookmark

A couple of years ago I had some beginner lessons in bobbin lace as well as teaching myself needlelace from resources I found online.  I didn’t seriously start on the bobbin lace until recently when I finally invested in a proper pillow and set of bobbins.

Quilling has recently popped up on my radar when an article about restoring a historical artefact caught my eye, and with the help of some library books and a lot of internet research, I have been teaching myself that as well.

Here I will be posting pictures of my works in progress (WIP), completed work, things I have learned along the way, and general musings on handcrafts.  Always love to hear from other crafters out there, so please come and join in the fun 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts on my post!

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