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Mother and Daughter photoshoot = Cheesecake

A good friend and work colleague who has a 9mth old girl asked me to take some photos to be used on the upcoming 1year birthday invites. She wanted some shots in the bluebells so we went out on Sunday, … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

The other end of the park where the bluebells grow has far less snow drops in it, so it looks a lot more blue. I stopped by last week on a nice bright overcast day to get some photos. I … Continue reading

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Bluebells as far as the eye could see

Its spring here down under and our climate supplies the conditions that bulbs like, a good cold break over winter, providing a dormant time for the bulb to gather its resources and then burst into glorious flower in spring.  Little … Continue reading

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A photographic epiphany, less is more in composition.

Its taken me a while, but finally, I have realised a key fundamental of photographic composition. Less is more. It sounds really simple but when you are in the middle of an exciting event or somewhere with lots of inspiration, … Continue reading

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