Testing out AKVIS Sketch

Please click to view the fine details in this image

Its not often that I post an image where you NEED to click on it to view the fine detail, but the image above really needs it.

So please click to view the larger version – I will wait, got plenty of time 🙂

Yes, lots more going on in that image!

Here is the original for your reference

This absolutely gorgeous rose is Birthday Present, it only flowers once a year and smells utterly delicious – a rich warm rose scent that isn’t like more modern roses in my opinion.

My first image has been edited in a trial version of Akvis Sketch – a really nifty program that does pencil sketches for the artistically challenged amongst us ie  me 🙂

So far am still experimenting with what it can do, it is $154 for the commercial version so quite pricey given the exchange rate, but might be a worthwhile addition to my toolset.

Anyone here also using Akvis products?  Do you like them?



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