One Four Challenge – March Wk 4

Entrance to Mordor – Click to Embiggen

And the last week of the One Four Challenge for March!

I confess, due to having to spend all day Friday *and* Saturday as a student (and my first class of the year)  my brain is a little fried, so not a lot of especially creative effort from me.

This week my image from last week was imported into Nik Colour Efex and I applied several different filters on top of each other:

– Bleach Bypass – tone down the overall colours

– Classical Soft Focus – soften the overall image slightly

– Bicolour Filter – add the muddy tones to the water

– Grad Filter – add the dark orange tones to the clouds to match the water

– Vignette Blur – blur the edges just cos I liked it

I am calling this Entrance To Mordor – I think the sky reflects the dark nasty ashcloud, and the warped twisted tree is representative of the damage done to the landscape.

All comments and feedback welcome!


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Its been a wet and bumpy week

I had a car accident on the way to work on Monday, lady didn’t look when she pulled out of a side street and t-boned my car on the passenger side.

Other than a bit of a sore neck (legacy from another more serious accident 15 years ago) I am OK and my car has been made driveable til I can put it in for repair at a more convenient time.  I’m insured so that’s a relief. Didn’t help that we had our first real rain for a while, its been a dry summer and the roads were quite greasy.  Meant I couldn’t stop in time and skidded instead :(

Haven’t had a lot of luck with the little Toyota’s :)  I got my first one about 4 years ago, and 2 years ago I had an accident that looked like this and wrote it off!

Damage to my first Toyota 2 years ago

That was a lot more serious and I had some impressive bruises and the car was written off.

And tomorrow I go back to being a part time student so if things are a bit quiet around here, I’m studying hard for my exam in June!

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One Four Challenge – March Wk 3

Oilpaint version for Wk 3 – Click to Embiggen

For Wk 3 of the March One Four Challenge I wanted to do something textural around the tree but selecting all the branches to deal to them individually was just beyond my patience and capability.

So I mucked around with filters in Photoshop and finally went to my favourite Oilpaint but this time the sliders got a real workout and somehow it managed to apply it so that the tree got enough paint effect to make it interesting and a little bit creepy :)

But the background and the water only got very subtle smudged effects.  I bought the background texture up just a smidge so you got a hint of that slightly 3D effect from the oil layers in the sky. You really need to view the large size to see the detail.

I used the combined image from last week that a lot of people commented favourably on, this week I am calling it Ghost Tree, cos I think it looks a little haunted and tortured this time around!

All comments and feedback welcome!

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At The Waters Edge

While shooting sunrises on Hamilton Island, it was so warm and pleasant even at 6am that taking time to play around was fun to do.

I have seen some great closeup shots of surf as it foams and bubbles against the sand and wanted to have a play with taking those kinds of shots.  It involved lying flat out on wet sand quite close to the surf, which was coming in and a couple of times I had to scramble out of the way or risk getting soaked :)

My biggest problem was the angle I was shooting at was really hard on my neck, so I wasn’t as steady as I might have liked.  Also the ISO was bumped up to 250, probably should have gone to at least 400 if not a bit more as it was still fairly dark with the sun just creeping around Passage Peak.

Still it was fun and a learning experience.  I did have to go and change my clothes and have ANOTHER shower to wash all the sand off before heading down to breakfast!

Because of the closeness to the waves and the very low angle I was shooting these handheld.  All images processed from RAW in LR5.

If any one has advice to improve for next time, send it my way!

All tips, tricks, comments and feedback welcome!

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Sunrise Cloudscape

Sunrise Cloudscape – Click to Embiggen

One of the things that amazed and delighted me about Hamilton Island was the clouds. When we arrived the sky was bright blue and full of these white fluffy puffy clouds which rolled through as the day went on.

They changed to a big bank of shapeless grey when a storm blew in, but this was the last morning, after the sun was above the horizon. It was still quite windy and the clouds had stacked up nicely to be lit up by the golden glow of early morning light.

I love clouds and it was great to discover how the ND grad filter in Lightroom can be used to enhance the texture and detail to give them real substance and a 3D volumetric effect which feels very present to me in the big cloud on the left.

It also picks up all the different colour tones as well as you can see above with white and shades of grey all in the same cloud.

Sometimes its worth sticking around after the pretty sunrise colours have faded and you move into that “golden hour” – I am glad I did this time!

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More Hamilton Island images

First Sunrise – Click to Embiggen

I had my first mammogram today and while it was unpleasant and uncomfortable it wasn’t awful but I had to bend in funny ways and now have a nasty headache.

So nothing special from me today but some more pix from Hamilton Island I haven’t posted here as yet :)


Another Cockatoo – Click to Embiggen

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One Four Challenge – March Wk 2

One Four Challenge Wk 2 – Click to Embiggen

Last week was interesting, half the people liked the actual Wk 1 entry which was the BW version and half the people liked the base colour image!

So I had a cunning plan for One Four Challenge Wk2 –  merge the two using layers and a mask and get the benefit of the BW tree detail with the colour background.  Up til the point I had to paint AROUND ALL THE BRANCHES!

Crashed and burned at that point.

I already had the two layers together so then mucked about with blending them and came up with this variation – I call it STORMLIGHT

Post Processing steps:

1.  Lay both images out, colour on bottom and BW on top

2.  Blend the BW on top of the colour with Darken mode set around 65%

This darkens the sky and tones down the sea colour but adds more drama and texture to the tree branches.

3.  Bring back into LR and add a subtle vignette in the corners with the radial tool and darkening the exposure.

It feels to me like that brief break in the clouds, or light from an oncoming storm :)

All tips, tricks, comments and feedback welcome.

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