This is my 500th post

Rather miraculously it turns out I have managed to hang in here and write 500 posts!

Even more surprising, there are people who read them :)

For all the blog readers out there, especially those who take the time to comment and say Hi now and then – THANKYOU!!!

The images on this post are a bit of a deep dive into my archives – I don’t think they have been posted on this blog before (maybe the kitten has)


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A further update – Prints and New Kit

20151129_171737_resizedWith my surgery happening this coming Thursday, things have been busy with sorting lots of stuff that needs to be done before hand, and planning put in place to cope with situations that may arise while I am unable to do things like drive.

So its been busy and not a lot of time for creative stuffs.  One of the exciting things to happen is I have been provided with a Z230 workstation and Dreamcolour calibrated monitor from a supporter of my work.

It was a very unexpected offer and much appreciated.  I spent the afternoon setting all the equipment up on my desk (with the necessary cat assistance) and installing all my software, making sure everything is connected to the network and all that stuff.

Last thing I need to find is a KVM that supports displayport and has THREE USB ports so I can switch the middle monitor, mouse, keyboard and tablet between the two machines.  I suspect such a device does not exist so research will need to be done.

The other thing my supporter has offered to do is print some of my work for me.  I had been asked to provide some for an upcoming month long exhibition but the cost to print and mount is quite expensive.

So I was a bit surprised when a very large long box arrived on Friday and I unrolled it to find this inside – it isn’t obvious but its 1.5 meters long and nearly a meter wide – its HUGE!!

imagejpeg_3Its awesome, especially on such a grand scale and is at the framers to be stretched out (its printed on heavy grade canvas) over my recovery time, so I will have a image of it mounted in a couple of months.

Quite exciting to see my work printed and REAL – still working through the challenges of getting your work to print it like you see on the screen, and that is the purpose of the Dreamcolour screen, to assist with that.

I changed my colour space within PS to Adobe 1998 RGB (I had it at sRGB) to match the monitor – tho it can do ProPhoto too but according to my reading that really only works if you are working on RAW files, and I do all my work in PS with jpg.  So will see if the wider colour space gives more accurate colours on printing.

If anyone has some tips on colour management, would love to hear them, its a challenging topic!

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A Tragic Occurence

Yesterday I had a critical failure of my tripod head and clamp which resulted in my camera detaching itself and bouncing onto the concrete floor 5 feet below!!

Lens is shot and both have been sent to Canon for assessment and repair.

Will be calling the insurance company today!


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One Four Challenge – Wk 3

I wish I could say that the new posting interface is an improvement but it is NOT – I used to be able to put a link in on an image so you could view a big version and now it appears I can’t.  Thanks WordPress!

(I checked the WP post about this – turns out you can in a VERY unintuitive way – pls click on the image above to see the BIG version)

Week 3 of the One Four Challenge is amongst us – I have been busy painting doorways and skirting boards in preparation for the last of my carpet to be replaced on Thursday so I am a few days behind.

This week I took my original image, put it onto a white background, masked then painted with watercolour brushes for a nice water colour effect.  I then took the image into Impression and added a painted layer on top, mostly just to increase the colour intensity back to how the original photo had been processed.

Still trying to get that feeling of building up water colour layers, its harder than you would think!

Like it?  Don’t like it?  Tell me about it?


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An Update

Technology Evolves j

So things have been busy happening for me in Real Life lately, and one of those things is I am having surgery early December and will be having a 4-6 week recovery time minimum.

Don’t worry, its all good, its corrective and my quality of life will hopefully vastly improve afterwards – after a long long wait it has all happened kind of quickly so a lot of things need to be sorted in a short period of time.

So expect to see a few scheduled reposts for a while, I will not be able to sit at my computer and type for at least a couple of weeks I will imagine.  Having had two lots of laparoscopic surgery before I have a fair idea of what to prepare for, and this is much more major than last time.

Good news is I have all the sick leave I need to cover from work and we close down for 3 weeks over Xmas for holidays and Jan is usually very quiet, so the timing is as good as it could be.

I am not looking forward to the initial recovery but am SO EXCITED to finally be on the right path to being healthy and happy and have control of my body again!

Today’s Image is created from content from my Awake course – its called Technology Evolves.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Dynamic Range – Women in Photography Magazine Issue 2

Dynamic Range Magazine - Issue 2, Nov 2015 - cover  page

The 2nd edition of Dynamic Range has been released today and I have another article in it – this time Four Tips on Composition.

I have seen the finished work and its AMAZING – lots of wonderful articles photos from talented ladies from around the world.  There is bound to be something of interest and its such an affordable price too at $5 AUD

Available to be purchased as a download from HERE – payment via PAYPAL

Please share this information where all women photographers of discernment are likely to be found (everywhere of course!)

Thanks to Leanne Cole and the team who work hard behind the scenes to polish our words into something to be proud of!

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One Four Challege – Nov Wk 2

Click to embiggen

Week 2 of the Nov One Four Challenge, this month being hosted by Nic (click here for details if you are new to the challenge)

I often find myself doing a BW conversion in this week, not entirely sure why.  For my lemur image I wanted to capture all the wonderful texture and tones in his fur and make him more of a highlight of the image.

To be honest I did this two weeks ago and have forgotten exactly what I did.  In essence I took the image into Nik Silver Efex and found a preset I liked – I think this is Fine Art Harsh.  Then I played with toning down the background, adding vignette and burn around the edges.

Annoyingly there is a bright white spot just above his head I didn’t notice at the time!

Because the lemur is so brightly lit against the now darker background, this image has more depth and interest.  The lemur looks almost regal on his throne :)

Like it?  Don’t like it?  Tell me about it!

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