Catlins Phototography Trip 8 – Waipapa Point Lighthouse

Waipapa Point Lighthouse – view from the landward side

As I understand it, they built Waipapa Point Lighthouse after a terrible shipwreck in 1881, when the Tararua was swept onto a reef, and only 20 of the 151 aboard survived.  To this day it is New Zealands worst civilian shipwreck.

It is still in operation, was manned until 1975 and then various technologies installed.  It now runs on solar power and has been restored to close to original condition, however you are not allowed inside.

No sealions today

The lighthouse was my last stop after Fort Rose, I was also hoping to view some sealions, but except for some patterns in the sand from the flippers, none were to be found.  Lots of lovely golden sand and more interesting coastline rock formations were on view at low tide.  Due to there being a carpark and toilet facilities close by, there were a lot of campervans and tourists enjoying the view.

View to the right of the lighthouse

Rocks and rockpools and much to be explored! Two people in the middle of this shot give you an idea of the scale of these rocks

There are quite high cliffs down to the beach and I hoped there was a set of stairs down from the viewpoint by the carpark.  Instead was a track that looked too challenging to clamber up with a heavy camera backpack on, so I went back down the beach til I found another way up.  Fortunately I did not trip over a sleeping sealion in the grass!

I had timed my trip to the lighthouse well, and the afternoon light fully illuminated it in its splendid isolation on the heads above the beach and the treacherous rocks.

I like the level of detail in the bottom shot (the angle of the glass pane and texture in the wood walls) but I like the feeling of space better in the top shot – just the lighthouse and the sea

Took these two images trying to capture the feel of it all alone, which one do you think works best?

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7 Responses to Catlins Phototography Trip 8 – Waipapa Point Lighthouse

  1. mississhippi says:

    I love the last shot. really crisp image. Pity the sealions weren’t around.

  2. Difficult choice, each has a different feel like you say and both look beautiful.

  3. Sherri Stone says:

    These are very beautiful. Are you using a polarizing filter? Please share what lens you are using too. Thanks!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hi Sherri, no I didnt use a polariser filter but I did do some careful editing in Lightroom when I processed the images. Those shots were taken with the 17-55 F2 IS canon lens and the wideangle were the 10-22 Ultra wide lens

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