Steampunk Vintage Processing Style

A while ago I attended a Steampunk outing to a Vintage Railway and ran across a very elegantly dressed couple who kindly agreed to pose for me and sign model releases.  I promised them a copy of the image/s once I had processed them.

Sadly I was not happy with the versions I created at the time, they were bland and lacked something.  The Creative B&W course I signed up for has come to the rescue, with Session 2 showing us ways to edit images with extra elements to add interest and depth.

Both of these images were originally edited in LR and then each bought into Topaz Texture FX for added texture, grain, blur, dust, scratches, toning and framing where necessary.

Until I did this course I didn’t quite grasp the depth of capability that Texture FX has, I got it for the textures (if you hover over the presets it instantly shows you a preview which is very helpful), but now I understand what the other panels can offer as well.

I was aiming for a vintage photo feel, both in styling, and giving the impression that the photo itself is a bit old and lived in.

Did I achieve it?


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