Touring Tasmania – Cradle Mountain Park

So I horrified you all into silence with my last post (thanks to those who did comment BTW, I do appreciate it)

From the sublime to the ridiculous – a knot of wood on a dead tree trunk in Cradle Mountain Park  – this is on the track you can walk from the Ranger Station up to Dove Lake – I did the middle section through the forest of dead trees which a lovely ranger lady told me was the prettiest bit to walk through with a camera.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and it was a lovely walk, even though I got bitten by an ant on my arm.  It stung for a couple of hours afterwards but no major damage.

Processed in LR inc BW conversion – click to view large version with more detail.


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10 Responses to Touring Tasmania – Cradle Mountain Park

  1. I admire the natural textures and having read your comments was curious to see what you had posted previously. Phew!! Very realistic – Bete Noire, i’m glad you posted the details on how you had set it up, fake blood and all – looks like a crime scene; provocative indeed. But must say the Kim Klassen preset really added to the “look”.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Hey thanks, yeah the previous post was a very different image for me but I’m really proud of it, I worked really hard to create it.

  2. I keep coming back to this photo. I think its fascinating, it triggers my imagination… Just now I saw a fish 🙂

  3. Spectacular image. Love this work.

  4. leecleland says:

    Missed the one you posted previously and you piqued my curiosity with your comments here. Love what you created so very realistic. The camera angle and partial body view all add up to a great image. Uggh I can imagine that sticky gloop/blood but it looks real, Ha! maybe some dripping from your hair? hard to get out I think!
    Love this wood image also, the B&W really brings out the grain lines and textures.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Lee – yes next time I will wet my hair so it looks better – the red will stain it quite likely so not sure if I want to go there LOL

      Yeah as soon as I saw this knotty bit I thought it would make an excellent BW image too 🙂

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