Berry Berry Delicious

Yay its Xmas time, I am on holiday and its berry season again!  Time to get into the studio and shoot some more food porn.  BTW yes I am still alive, it has just been one of those years where I haven’t done as much shooting as I would have liked.

Got three weeks off over Xmas though, so putting some effort in, plus I get to eat the yummy goodness once I have shot it 🙂

Last year I was very much learning my craft, and Still Life is an art form in its own right.  So this time I am stretching my boundaries and trying different props, different angles and different lighting techniques.

Last year I was concentrating on the Dark Light technique, where it was all black and moody.  This year I want to also look at a lighter brighter and more summery feel.

And yet when I go to process them, I am still drawn to the darker, more punchy preset options but it made the silver jug look so fantastic!

Finally get to use my homemade bead board background, softened with some white fabric and a light hazy matte preset for that summery feel.

Trying different angles, I liked how the berry by the handle was reflected in the side of the jug.

Five very different images, shooting quite different angles, experimenting with light and different processing techniques.

The first image at the top is my favourite – love to hear which one you like!


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8 Responses to Berry Berry Delicious

  1. loisajay says:

    I do like the third photo. Something about the crisp, clean white background makes those berries just pop!

  2. pookiepea says:

    I am drawn the photo number two but they are all beautiful. The vibrancy of the raspberries against the darker background appeals to my eye but it is all subjective. I am so glad I found your blog!

  3. leecleland says:

    A toss up for me between the second and third shots, both very different.

  4. green_knight says:

    The last one, hands down. The first and fourth feel a little washed out (would work better with a frame/contrast than on its own); in the last I like the perspective and the depth of field.

    Looking forward to a taste of summer!

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