Touring Tasmania- Old Hobart Town Model Village

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Old Hobart Town is a unique multi award winning model village depicting life in Hobart as it was in the 1820’s – their website

This was something that was all over the tourist flyers etc I picked up, combined with the historic bridge it put Richmond on the map as a place to visit.  Personally this was an utterly delightful place to visit, was much larger than I expected and clearly a labour of love for the people who have created it.

Carefully created so you can walk all around and see all sorts of action going on in interesting places and you do really have to stop and look to notice the small relevant goings on like the above image or the jailbreak in the one below

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A great sense of humour had been used when setting up some of the scenes, there is a couple in a hay wagon, some guys fishing in a stream, children playing, dogs and chickens and goats and cattle in various places.

The water wheel actually turns – click to embiggen

Moss has been used instead of grass to keep it to scale, and the bushes bonsai style to look like trees in the appropriate scale as well. Some features like the water wheel turned too.

This image should give you an idea of the scale – its not a SMALL feature by any means. I shared my wandering with a family with three children who delighted in finding the 4 key elements you were challenged to find on the map you got at the entrance – the hardest one was a woman killing a snake and I never saw it.  Kept the kids well entertained tho.

The level of detail was incredible, washing hung on lines, horses harnessed, clothing painted on appropriately and accurate to the period.

This village was a recreation of the original settlement in Hobart and some of the very original sandstone buildings are still standing and I think this is a recreation of one of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, it was a delightful whimsical thing to find and truly unique and genuinely entertaining.  If you go to Tasmania and miss out on this, it would be a great sadness.

Next up in our Tasmanian Tour is Port Arthur – this time full scale colonial buildings with a lot of grim history

I hope you enjoyed these miniatures as much as I did – have you visited too?

Feedback and Comments welcome!


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  1. These are great photos and that place looks amazing.

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