Intimate Portrait of an Artist

Despite getting very few comments here, my other art nude images got a lot of feedback elsewhere they were posted.  One suggestion was to try a sepia tone.

Here I have taken the image into Nik Silver Efex and used a Sepia preset I liked – the dark burnt border helps frame the image nicely.

Then it went into Topaz Texture FX and had some dust and scratches added and a texture to grunge it up a bit.

I like the feel and the mystery in this image, I purposefully worked it so the “details” were a little less prominent.

Does this more processed variation appeal more?  Yes?  No?

Edit – as mentioned in the comments, a comparison would help – this isn’t the exact frame I used for the image above but its the one before so close enough

Link to image on Flickr


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13 Responses to Intimate Portrait of an Artist

  1. artcouk says:

    Post the other for comparison?

  2. artcouk says:

    The veiling is less revealing, which strengthens the concept in my mind. The ageing and noise adds a mysterious character that echoes the veil.

  3. Lovely. Have you tried the filter that I use a lot – the second vintage plate. That might be interesting too. Love this work. Very sensuous

  4. leecleland says:

    I like the processing on both and for different reasons. This one adds to the mystery of the use of the veil whereas the other needed the sharpness and clarity to emphasis the curve of the body and veil. Both are beautiful.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Lee, appreciate the feedback. I spent a lot less time on the other image as it had a different feel to it.

  5. I really like these images, they are beautiful, emotive and creative. I think sometimes ppl just click like and leave it at that….I know I have been guilty too. But I leave a comment when I think it truly is note worthy, or I really, really like it

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