Spring in Christchurch

Amazing pink blossoms

Officially Spring starts on 1st Sept, but it has been pleasantly warm and sunny recently and there are plants blossoming all over the place, so here are some spring images from my archives.

Whats your fave spring flower? 




Bluebells as far as the eye can see

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

This weeks challenge is FRAY – I choose to interpret this with these images taken when touring earthquake damaged parts of Christchurch with my dad (who was from out of town)

Fraying apart at the seams, what is left over when you demolish a building – steel rods that reinforced concrete beams – click to embiggen


Year and years of posters created all these layers revealed when they were torn away, fraying at the edges

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Views of Christchurch Estuary Sunsets from my Archives

Apr 2010 sunset

So I recently sorted out the storage for my photos and now they are all on one drive.  While doing the transfer I spent some time looking through what was there for culling purposes and realised that there were some potentially nice images tucked away unprocessed.

Back when they were taken Lightroom didnt have the technology it does now and I didn’t have the post processing skills and knowledge so they had been written off as not worth the effort.  I have decided to revisit a few of these images and see what can be made of them today. 

2010 happened to be a great year for sunsets and the Estuary is a lovely place to shoot them and convenient to where I live.  I hope you enjoy these retrospective views of a favourite place for me.

A family of swallows nested under the jetty and were impossible to shoot in flight, this is the only time they landed and it was quite dark at the time, so I was pleased this cleaned up OK


I am quite fond of this time of night as the descending sun lights up the clouds in all shades of gold. You see more texture in the clouds when lit this way.

And finally a sky no one ever believes was really this colour but I can give you the RAW files to prove it. All I did here was add some tweaking to sharpen up the details and texture of the clouds, changing white balance to Cloudy and that was it. The sky REALLY was that colour!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

This weeks challenge is Silhouette and it was perfectly timed. Recently I transferred all of my files over to my NAS and have been enjoying going through them and reworking old images that were not processed at the time.

Here are 2 brand new processes of images taken in Nov 2011

Silhouette of mature pine tree in the foreground, and a slightly earthquake damaged wooden jetty in the middle ground to the left – click to embiggen

And a closeup of one branch of the pine tree against the colourful sunset sky

Closeup of one branch of the pine tree – click to embiggen

Hope you enjoyed these two old but new images :)

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Just backed this Camera Strap on Kickstarter

Trey Ratcliff posted this on his G+ feed so went to take a look and after checking out that they would mount onto my RRS L plate, I backed for a Slide+Clutch combo.


They have a couple of good videos on the site demonstrating the two different items.  From my POV it costs over $100 NZD to get a Black Rapid and I never bought one cos it never felt like it fitted or sat properly.

Currently I use a wrist strap for walking around type stuff so like the idea of the Clutch quite a lot and the price for the two of them is about the same as the Black Rapid.  If it doesn’t work out for me, fairly sure I could find a good home for them elsewhere.

Love that you can mount both and that they are easy to attach and remove, and it looks like they should ship in a couple of months so instant gratification :)

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Redoing an old image – Sunset April 23 2010

Finally got around to moving all my files from my computer to the NAS I bought several months ago.  Lightroom makes it fiddly where you have to go in and relink the folders on the new destination for EACH INDIVIDUAL FOLDER and I had a lot :)

Needed to do some tidying up and moving things around and grouped more meaningfully, which I have done and checked the files matched on each set of drives and then deleted the old ones.  Only had 500GB storage on the PC and the NAS has a pair of 2TB drives in a RAID 1 config.

Got a look at some old files in the archives while I was mucking around and decided to have a go at tweaking this one with the new techniques and improved LR capabilities.

Sunset 23 April 2010 of the Port Hills and Mt Pleasant (where all the houses are) taken from the other side of the Estuary – Click to Embiggen

Dragonback Sunset - this is the original version I edited, complete with dust spots!

Dragonback Sunset – this is the original version I edited, complete with dust spots!

Changed the crop so it had more of the sky, added a bit of ND in the sky, and added some focus of the ridge of houses.  Oh and removed the dust spots, YAY for the Cloning tool :)

I like the new version a lot more, what do you think?

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5 years of Photography and Blogging

Apparently yesterday was my 5 year anniversary of starting this blog! I started it after purchasing my first DSLR camera, the trusty Canon 40D and dove head first into trying to learn ALL THE THINGS and quickly started to go a little nuts.  The blog was intended as an outlet for sharing my learnings, useful things I thought other beginners might appreciate and of course my images.

So here is a bit of a retrospective, its been a tumultuous 5 years one way or another and I was there with my camera for a lot of it, so here we go:

Shortly after I got my camera gear Spring started to do its thing and I learned that lying in the dirt to get a more intimate angle really works

Saw some Buskers doing odd things to each other

I started to see the world in a different way and discovered fascinating things about my city I hadn’t seen before, like coloured lights on the Pier at night

Somehow seagulls became interesting and photographic instead of noisy and annoying

Tried my hand at longer exposures to capture fireworks

Spent many evenings waiting for a pretty sunset, now and then I got a good show

Visited the Totara Stump Graveyard

Went to Australia (twice) and met the natives

Caught my very first sunrise at Moeraki Boulders

Did some night photography – traded a loan of my tripod to some tourists with a borrow of their wide angle lens for this shot

The above shot was taken a week after the Sept 4 2010 Earthquake, the below image was taken after the Feb 22 2011 earthquake – its the same building

Did some roadtrips to see other parts of the South Island – Herbert Cemetary, Lake Pearson in Arthurs Pass and Catlins

And finally survived the Zombie Apocalypse!

Wow when I look back its been a pretty amazing 5 years with my camera taking me new places and into new experiences!  And I posted 312 blog posts as well :)

Looking forward to the next 5 years!

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